Invest in the right areas

Money is tight following the pandemic and few aviation companies have the cash reserves to invest heavily.

July 2021

CAA International: A green restart

The industry rebuild must have sustainability at its core.

June 2021

Hearing the hunger for hotels: why Get-e is introducing hotels into its crew tra...

At Get-e, we employ our adaptable technology to continuously improve and evolve our product offering using feedback and input from our airline partners. As a result, we are currently developing an integrated hotel (HOTAC) ...

May 2021

Transforming E-Commerce & Logistics Through Next Gen Digitalization

Our webinar discussing trend-setting solutions to help the logistics and global aviation industry supply chain truly excel in the new normal presented by the pandemic is now available ...

April 2021

Get-e: Into a new era

How Covid-19 is driving innovation in the aviation industry. By Alexander van Deudekom, CEO, Get-e

April 2021

Early industry performance 2021

Initial industry performance 2021

April 2021